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Patent Pending
Travelers Rest, SC 29690

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Very easy to use!
1. Simply attach TACH to any auto head restraint stem and hang clothes
   or other traveling items.
2. Simply position TACH sideways when not in use.

Why use TACHs?

1. TACHs allow easy access to clothing during layover stops.
2. TACHs can be used without obstructing driver's visibility.
3. TACHs can be positioned to allow longer
    garments to drape over the front of the seat.
4. TACHs are compact and capable of supporting  15 lbs.
5. TACHS are perfect for transporting dry cleaning, take-out food, 
    handbags, shopping bags, sporting equipment, umbrellas and much more!
6. TACHs are ideal for the Empty Rear Seat Syndrome. 
    Retirees especially can take advantage of that empty rear seat and use it
    for their traveling convenience.
Caution: Store or position TACH properly to avoid potential passenger hazard.
Supports 15 lbs.

Compact and Strong

Heavy Duty

Great Gift Idea